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/** * Copyright (c) 2019 The Elabank Developers * * Distributed under the MIT software license, see the accompanying file * LICENSE or */ package compiler; import java.util.List; public class CustomReward implements net.elabank.classloader.Compiler.Reward { /** * Calculate each voter's reward except the whitelist addresses , go to tutorials to see how to set a whitelist. * Remaining amount after reward voters will go to the super node owner. if you have set a shareholder list, * the shareholder will share the super node reward by their share. * * @param currentVoterVotes current voter's votes * @param totalVotes total votes from the voters * @param totalDposReward total Dpos reward from Elastos BlockChain * @param currentVoterVotedSuperNodeList super node public key list which voted by the current voter * @param voterAddress voter's address * @return */ public double voter(double currentVoterVotes , double totalVotes , double totalDposReward, final List currentVoterVotedSuperNodeList, String voterAddress) { //TODO add your reward logic here //Below is a example return (totalDposReward - 0.165) * currentVoterVotes/totalVotes * 0.73; } /** * Calculate each shareholder's reward ,Remaining amount after reward shareholder's will go to the super node owner. * Go to tutorials to see how to set shareholder list. * If you don't have any shareholders,You can leave this method as it is . * * @param share the share of the current shareholder. the total share is 5000.0 * @param totalSuperNodeReward total super node reward which equals to the Dpos reward minus the distributed voter's reward. * @param shareholderAddress current shareholder address * @return */ public double shareholder(double share , double totalSuperNodeReward , String shareholderAddress) { //TODO add your reward logic here //We pledged a 2% of reward to Cyber Republic Press team (“EfdrCyaqotx8j346wFRQX9VpbggvRH7ZRu"), to empower them spreading the Elastos word and kick the ecosystem growth. if("EfdrCyaqotx8j346wFRQX9VpbggvRH7ZRu".equals(shareholderAddress)){ return (totalSuperNodeReward - 0.165) * 2/27; } // reward if("EgNx6dhiihwD9Yfy5rr9PaEJ3ss285jeME".equals(shareholderAddress)){ return (totalSuperNodeReward - 0.165) * 25/27; } //AWS expenses if("Efxh54p7sRRnnh7L4qxoE8rzfbJjRFRcqo".equals(shareholderAddress)){ return 0.165; } return 0.0; } }

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