How much is the fee of ELA BANK?How to deduct?
Every pay out there will be 0.5% fee, the balance has been deducted from the fee.
What's the payout time?
If the super node owner deposits enough money to distribute the rewards, ElaBank will payout the reward at the beginning of every Dpos round. The balance will be sent to your vote address if your accumulated reward from this super node is bigger than 0.0001 ELA.
What's Register?
If you are the super node owner and you want to use ELABank to help you distribute your voting rewards. Right now , we provide two plans, you will need to fill in your producer public key and your email address. Plan A: fill in your rate (1 staked ELA equals to how many vote) and your super node fee. Plan B: you can customize your distribution algorithm by coding in java. Don't choose both plans. After registration . You will receive an email from which will ask you to use your registration address, send 19 ELA to our specified address, so we can be sure that you are the super node owner. You will also receive a secret code which can be used to withdraw ELA. For more detailed instructions go to here
What's deposit?
If you have already registered your super node and your deposit address doesn't have enough coins. You can deposit more coins to your deposit address. Which will be used to distribute Dpos voting rewards.
What's the shareholder deposit?
If your super node is jointly funded by multiple shareholders, you can let the shareholder transfer the ELA contribution to your deposit address, and use the transaction record as a voucher. The owner of the super node can withdraw the ELA contribution. The owner of the super node can also confirm the ELA contribution of the shareholders through the shareholder deposit settings, and each time when we distribute Dpos rewards, the shareholders can also automatically obtain their reward accordingly.
What's withdraw?
If you want to withdraw some ELA from the deposit address then you need to click the withdraw button , the withdraw fee is 0.1ELA
What's the search tab (Voting address)?
You can get your statistics if you type in your voting address.
What's the payment histroy?
This shows current super node payment history, and voting address reward payment history.
What's the Super Node Voters?
This shows the current super node voters.
What's the whitelist in Super Node Voters list?
You can choose some of the voters and set them in the whitelist , in the whitelist voters you can set their address as banned address, which will not receive any reward from your node. Daily payment address , which means they will receive your reward in a daily schedule, weekly payment address , which means they will receive your reward in a weekly schedule, monthly payment address , which means they will receive your reward in a monthly schedule, yearly payment address , which means they will receive your reward in a yearly schedule. The payment time will be UTC 00:00:00.